School’s Back in Session

Ice Cream on Wheels wants to say: “Welcome Back Students!”  Congrats on your journey to college.   Perhaps its the first time on campus or maybe you are coming back and something in the air is different.  Help make the move back to school more memorable, comfortable and successful.  Meeting at the ice cream truck may lead to creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime.  A delicious bomb pop is a great way to break the ice and meet your classmates.  Maybe a classic ice cream sandwich with the faculty before the school year begins.  Opportunities to engage others and become involved increase your chance to succeed at school.  Ice Cream on Wheels wants to help create these moments.  Let an ice cream truck bridge the gap from summer fun to back to school.  An ice cream truck or cart will add to the memory of the college experience.



Ice Cream Opportunities

An ice cream truck or cart can help garner interest in your organization, club or simply rally your school pride! There isn’t an easier way to promote those things than with an ice cream party.  Picture your sorority, club or team relaxing before, during or after an event with a cool treat.  Those are great times to forge those relationships that become as meaningful as the degrees that you are earning in the classroom.  An ice cream event can provide that opportunity to talk to that girl, create a study group, speak to a respected professor, or simply unwind and relax from your busy schedule.  From Notre Dame to Loyola Marymount, we have helped university’s and their organizations create environments for their students to thrive.  Book now for initiations, formals, club meetings, game days, parents weekends or any other event where you want to really impress and make the occasion one everyone will remember.