Sweeten Your Summer Party with Ice Cream Novelties

Delight Your Guests with Fun Frozen Treats

The weather’s getting warmer and the days are getting longer.  School’s almost out.  That’s right–summer is nearly here.  We couldn’t be happier.  At Ice Cream on Wheels, we live for summer.  We specialize in catering ice cream novelties—hand held, individually wrapped ice cream treats.  So, if you’re thinking of planning a summer party, we’ll help make it great.  Our catering menu is chock full of iconic goodies perfect for any special occasion.  If you’re looking for a reason to party, we can help there, too.   We brainstormed some cool summer party ideas and paired each with one of our signature items.  Get ready to be inspired! (And try not to drool):

  1. National Best Friends Day (June 8): Get your squad together and celebrate your friendship. Treat your peeps to a classic combo: The Big Vanilla Sandwich. Featuring creamy vanilla ice cream layered between two rich chocolate wafers, this sandwich is a match made in heaven.  Just like your friendship.
  2. Summer Solstice (June 21): The first day of summer warrants a party. Celebrate with a Vanilla Big Dipper Cone. Packed inside a sugar cone, this vanilla ice cream treat is dipped in chocolate coating and covered with peanuts.  The longest day of the year deserves something special. This is it.
  3. Garden Party: You’ve waited all year long to show off your green thumb, so do it in style! Invite the neighbors over to see everything in bloom, and serve them Lemonade Bomb Pop Cups.  Your guests will peruse your garden while enjoying the refreshing sweetness of flavored iced lemonade.  And nothing says summer like flowers and frozen lemonade.
  4. Little League Team Party: Celebrate your kids with any of our cartoon character face bars—frozen confections with gumball eyes.We’ve got the most popular cartoon images today, each shaped into a delicious frozen dessert.  Avengers Captain America Bar, Angry Birds, Teen Titans, Go! And more. Kids love ‘em.
  5. Backyard Bash: Just in case you need an excuse to party with your friends and family, we’ve got one.  Pick a date, and invite your crew over to enjoy the company and the sunshine.  To indulge your nearest and dearest, we suggest the Turtle Bar, one of our most decadent desserts.  This vanilla ice cream-on- a- stick treat is covered with pecans, smothered with a rich caramel sauce, and coated in milk chocolate. Only the best for your VIP’s.

Get the Party Started

Working with us is easy.  Give us a call, and we’ll plan a novelty ice cream menu that will make your party pop. Then, pick a delivery mode.  If you’re looking for self-service or if you’re planning something inside, we’ll deliver an ice cream cart stocked with treats right to you.  Want to be outside?   No problem. Hire one of our ice cream trucks to deliver your goodies straight to your location.  Our trucks come equipped with a licensed, professional driver to hand out the treats. There are tons of reasons for you to celebrate this summer. Let us help make your party one to remember.