Say Yes to Portable Treats at Your Bridal Shower

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Planning the menu for your bridal shower? Think small. Cater your party with hand held treats that’ll encourage guests to mingle and chat. Trust us, you want mingling and you want chatting. Why? As you know, wedding showers are Kind Of a Big Deal. The shower often is the first meeting for you and your groom’s nearest and dearest. This party is your big chance to make a good first impression. Catering with portable food—think food served in a glass or on a stick—encourages a relaxed vibe perfect for socializing.

Small but Mighty

Display your treats on tables or have the wait staff work the crowd with trays. Guests can choose their own food and eat at their own pace. The convenience of portable food makes party prep (and clean up) a breeze. Also, the novelty of the food itself is sure to be a talking point. Result: your VIP’s will really get the chance to get acquainted before the big day. Check out these three ideas to inspire your very own moveable feast:


  1. Punch: The perfect drink for any time of day. Punch can be as fun and as fancy as you like. Plus, it’s super easy to doctor for adults…just add booze. Want a tip? Place the punch bowl by the door and have your maid of honor give a glass to each guest as they walk in. Now there’s a warm welcome!
  2. Kabobs: The classic food on a stick. Kabobs can be sweet, savory, or hearty. Looking for a colorful appetizer? Try rainbow fruit kabobs or antipasto salad on a skewer. Need an entrée? We like chicken satay or Korean steak kabobs. With tons of options, kabobs can be as informal or formal as your shower.
  3. Ice Cream Novelties: The dessert that everyone loves. Ice cream sandwiches. Turtle Sundae Bars. Bomb Pops. Strawberry Shortcake Bars…mmmm. And we’re just getting started. Delicious and refreshing, ice cream novelties taste great. They’re also fun to open. Let your guests choose a brightly colored package, remark on the novelty, and then open their own package to discover the goodness inside. Your dessert will be a conversation starter all on its own.

Let’s Say “I Do”

If you’re ready to commit to a menu of portable treats, give us a call. At Ice Cream on Wheels, we specialize in catering ice cream novelties. For an indoor event, we’ll stock a cooler of treats for you, or we can deliver an ice cream cart loaded with goodies right to your door. If you’re planning something outside, order an ice cream truck, complete with a licensed, professional driver to hand out the treats. Our customizable menus boast a variety of iconic choices. And, we offer packages for every budget. Contact us today, and together we’ll build an ice cream novelty menu that your friends and family are sure to love