Creating Happiness in Corporate America

Energize Your Top Talent with an Afternoon Treat


The working lunch.  The business dinner.  Two staples of corporate America. To shake things up a little bit, we’d like to propose the idea of the afternoon treat: an in-between-meals snack to boost your staff’s energy and productivity.  And forget the tray of stale cookies left in the break room. Today’s workforce wants to be treated, not just fed.  For something fun and cost effective, invigorate your employees with a fun food experience.  Sounds great, but where to start?  We have a suggestion.  At Ice Cream on Wheels, we specialize in ice cream truck catering.  Order with us, and give your employees:

  1. A delicious treat–We cater ice cream novelties—hand held, individually wrapped frozen desserts. All of our ice cream-whether served on a stick, cone, or in a cup-tastes great.  And, it’s fun to eat, too. For a moment, imagine: Selecting your treat from an array of colorful choices.  Opening the package to reveal the ice cream goodness inside.  Biting into the sweet satisfaction of an ice cream sandwich or tasting the cool creaminess of a Strawberry Shortcake bar.    Be honest: just thinking about ice cream makes your mouth water.
  2. A convenient snack—Our novelties make the perfect grab-and-go treat. We know that break time means different things for different people.  Some like to eat while talking shop.  Others want to snag a snack and get right back to the drawing board.  Our novelties cater to all kinds of employees.  Grab a treat on the way to a team meeting, or dig into a dessert while reading through paperwork.  It’s easy.
  3. A cool experience–Catering with us is memorable.With Ice Cream on Wheels, you can order a fully stocked ice cream truck to come right to your favorite outdoor location. All of our trucks come equipped with a licensed, professional driver to hand out the treats.  Give your staff the chance to play hooky from the office for a few minutes, go up to the truck, place their order, and enjoy their ice cream in the sunshine. We guarantee they’ll walk away smiling.  Planning something indoors?  No problem. We can deliver a stocked ice cream cart right to your break room.  Perfect for self-service.

Keep the Customer Satisfied


We understand that you want to treat your employees without breaking the bank.  That’s why catering with us is cost effective.  For as little as $2 per person, you can offer your staff a menu of ice cream treats that are sure to satisfy.  Today’s workers are looking for flexibility, variety, and a little bit of fun in the office.  To meet those needs, plan an afternoon treat with Ice Cream on Wheels.  We’ll deliver the smiles to your office that will keep your employees energized and happy.  Give us a call today, and we’ll plan the ideal menu for your afternoon treat time.