We are delivering smiles to the Northwest suburbs with an Ice Cream Truck Party in Chicago!  Nothing says thank you for a job well done like bringing the ice cream truck to your business.  In a highly competitive employment landscape, small gestures and appreciation can keep your employees happy AND more productive!

How much does it cost to hire, train and retain good talent? ZaneBenefits report low to mid level talent costs in losing an employee would be 16-25 percent of the employee’s salary.  As simple as it sounds, let ice cream solve your issues.  It’s definitely not the problem!

Studies have also shown even small tokens of appreciation yield positive results in productivity, team building, increased job satisfaction, better safety records, less absenteeism and higher loyalty.  Bringing an Ice Cream Truck Party to your workplace shows your people you care and at a cost you wouldn’t believe!  The benefits are immeasurable.  Bring some fun to your workplace today!