4 Tips to a Successful Employee Office Party


Banking on a Fun Office Party?  Give your Employees a Party to Remember.


Making Memories in the Workplace

So, you’ve been asked to once again plan the company party.  This year, why not go the extra step and make the company party a chance to also make a memory for your employees?  By doing just a few simple things, you can turn your run-of-mill office party into an affair to remember!


  1. Theme.  Establish a theme for the work party!  Get the party started by bestowing a theme on your gathering. Themes can be as elaborate (1920’s Hollywood glam) to as simple (your city’s favorite sports team) as your budget allows. No matter what you choose, a theme can turn a tired gathering into something special.
  2. Music.  Create a staff playlist to get the employees dancing!  Using an email survey, ask your staff to submit music requests for the party. Get more specific by making a topical request—favorite movie theme song, or favorite songs by 80’s hair bands. Bonus points for music requests that tie in with your event’s theme. Having your staff choose the tunes will guarantee that someone is always out on the dance floor.
  3. Photos.  Design your own photo booth to create memories of the office fun.  Choose fun props that encourage your staff to ham it up for the camera. Hit up your local discount store for some photo booth basics—feather boas, silly glasses—let your imagination be your guide. Print out photos for employees to take home as a souvenir of the good time had by all.
  4. Food.  Get creative with the food.  We all know that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. To make your party one that is both enjoyable and memorable, include some catering that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. For a fun dessert option, consider ice cream novelties– individually wrapped, hand held treats—as a guaranteed way to give your employees a food experience to remember.

Ice Cream on Wheels: Delivering Smiles to Your Office Party

To create a memorable party for your staff, consider Ice Cream on Wheels as a fun option. It is a universal truth that ice cream makes people happy. So, let us bring the happy to your office party! With our varied, iconic menu selections and great customer service, there is something for everyone. Contact us today, and we’ll work together to create an ice cream novelty menu that will be perfect for your party.