Meaningful Marketing: How to Craft a Trade Show Booth

Where Buyers and Sellers Meet

Companies spend tons of time and effort, not to mention money, preparing their booth for the big trade show. If done right, the trade show booth can be highly effective in attracting interest and generating business for your company. Use the five tips below to make your booth a success.

  • Set Goals—Before you do anything, make a plan. Have a clear vision for what you hope to accomplish at the trade show, and make sure that your team is on board. Look around for the trade show that best serves your vision, and choose one that best targets the audience that you hope to reach. Set traffic and sales goals well in advance, and shape your booth strategy around these goals.
  • Research Location—Familiarize yourself with the trade show venue, and reserve your location on the floor as soon as possible. Some places will let you secure a prime spot for a fee at signing, and others may have a waiting list. Look to secure a spot for your company’s booth in a high traffic, high visibility area, and be sure to consider the booths that will be presenting nearby when making your choice.
  • Work Social Media—Use available social media outlets to post promotions, giveaways, and other important information that your company will bring to the event. Consider how Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can help you advertise your brand. Does your venue have a Twitter feed for the conference? Learn the hashtag for the event, and market your product, your vision, and your freebies in advance.
  • Be Attentive—Send your very best sales people, those who are well versed in company policy and product, and instruct them to be courteous and friendly to all visitors. Have representatives out on the floor chatting to everyone, not sitting behind a display table, and instruct your people to remain standing and off of their cell phones, even during down time. Make sure your display area is clean and free of empty water bottles and other trash.
  • Give out Food—Handing out a food freebie is a great way to treat your visitors and generate a crowd around your booth. Consider distributing ice cream novelties—hand held, individually wrapped frozen treats. Colorfully packaged and delicious, novelties are the perfect portable treat to gift your guests while you talk product.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

At Ice Cream on Wheels, we can stock your booth with tasty ice cream at an affordable price. At $2-5 dollars an item, our novelties are cost-effective, and the distribution is easy. We can deliver a fully stocked ice cream cooler or cart straight to the trade show floor, or, if you have an outdoor location, we can send an ice cream truck, complete with an ice cream server, to distribute the desserts for you. Give us a call today, and we’ll work together to craft an ice cream novelty menu that will be perfect for your trade show booth.