Sweeten Your Party with an Ice Cream Dessert Table

(Don’t) Let Them Eat Cake

Traditionally, a large, multi-tiered cake has served as the go-to dessert option for special events.  Be it a wedding, baby shower, or retirement party, a call to the baker needs to be made. At your typical celebration, after the cake is cut, guests return to their seats and wait at an assigned table for their cake to be served. Usually, guests receive the same cake, and the only thing that varies is that some people have to wait longer than others to get their slice. People inevitably think “the cake is being served, so the party must be coming to an end.” Why not try a dessert option that offers your guests more variety, more fun, and more flavor? Increasingly popular, the dessert table will not only provide a fun spot for your guests to mingle, but will also allow you the chance to provide something unique—and super tasty—for your guests.

The Sweet Spot

By catering your party with a table loaded with sweet options, you completely change the feel of your celebration. Usually, guests can wait to be served a uniform slice of cake. With a dessert table, your guests could be free to visit the table themselves and choose from a variety of options. The dessert table allows you to do two things. First, it customizes your presentation and menu in a way that will treat your guests.  Second, it encourage them to stay, mingle and enjoy the party.  From informal gathering to black tie, we can cater your event with flair.  The dessert table can be as dressed up–or dressed down– as you want, according to your party’s theme. No matter what style you choose, make sure that the table itself is a focal point that encourages people to gather and visit. Also, be sure to showcase your presentation—dessert is exciting, after all—by dressing your table with fabrics, candles, or flowers. Display the sweets themselves on vintage serving trays, woven placemats, or lace doilies. While the options are endless, be sure to use the table to create a space that is colorful, bright, and above all, inviting.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

No matter the occasion, you can guarantee success by catering your table with ice cream novelties—hand held, individually wrapped treats. Stock your dessert table with a variety of colorful, delicious frozen treats.  From Bomb Pops to ice cream sandwiches, let your guests choose their favorite treat. At Ice Cream on Wheels, we have a varied novelty menu chock full of delectable delights guaranteed to make your party special. Interested in something really unique? Consider a mobile dessert table! We can also deliver a fully stocked ice cream truck—complete with an ice cream server—to your event. Give us a call today, and we can chat about creating a personalized ice cream novelty menu that your guests are sure to love.