Rewarding the Factory Workforce


How to Manufacture Employee Satisfaction

Imagine: you’ve just clocked out after a productive ten hour shift at the plant, and you are hot, sweaty, and heading for the parking lot. Your only thoughts are of a shower and putting your feet up to rest. Suddenly, you see a brightly colored ice cream truck pull up at the loading dock. And, what’s happening? A server is handing out novelty ice cream treats to all of your fellow employees. Ice cream sandwiches! Bomb Pops! Strawberry Shortcakes! You hear the exciting news from your co-workers–your supervisor has surprised your entire shift with ice cream treats to show appreciation for a job well done. You select a favorite frozen dessert from the menu, and open your individually wrapped package to discover the goodness inside. As you bite into your frozen treat, you think: what a perfect way to end my day.

Show Thanks with a Sweet Treat

Face it, employees like to be appreciated. However, it can be a challenge to say thank you in a way that is both meaningful and practical. To provide your workers with a fun surprise, consider hiring Ice Cream on Wheels to cater your next event. With Ice Cream on Wheels, you’ll be able to treat your staff to a variety of ice cream novelties in an efficient, enjoyable manner.

Let Ice Cream on Wheels Deliver:

  1. Quality–Our novelties—hand held, individually wrapped frozen treats– are delicious. From the sweet creaminess of an ice cream sandwich to the refreshing cool of a Bomb Pop, our novelties are sure to bring a smile to every face. Our varied, iconic menu guarantees that there’s something for everyone. And, as you’ll see, our customer service can’t be beat. From planning your party to handing out treats, we are committed to making your event easy and fun.
  2. Experience— We have sent our ice cream trucks to power plants, oil refineries, food processing plants, and more. We have catered events around the clock for shift workers. We have worked with all kinds of different plant schedules. Bottom line: we have served tons of factory appreciation events in the past, and we know how to run a successful event.
  3. Convenience–Working with us is easy. A quick phone call to book us and plan your menu, and we’ll take care of the rest. Ice Cream on Wheels will send a fully stocked ice cream truck, complete with an ice cream server, straight to your facility. We’ll distribute the treats to your employees, and then drive off when your event is finished. No mess, no fuss.

Shift into Production Mode

You know that your employees have been working hard, and now it’s time to show them that you’ve noticed. Contact us today, and we will work together to customize a novelty ice cream menu perfect for your plant party. Show your employees that quittin’ time can indeed be even sweeter, with the addition of our frozen novelty treats.