The Informal Organization Culture: How to Relax Your Office

Chill Out: Improve Employee Satisfaction and Increase Productivity

Teamwork. Accountability. Efficiency. The buzzwords are straightforward enough, but as any company knows, maximizing employee performance takes deliberate effort. Consider creating an informal organization culture within your office to keep your employees happy and productive.

What is an informal office culture in the first place? An informal culture includes the daily, casual interactions employees have while at work each day that encourage (or discourage) a sense of belonging in the workplace. As an employer, you can do a few simple things to create a workplace that is more mobile, collaborative, and fun. By relaxing your office culture, you can boost employee morale and productivity.

What to do:

  1. Establish a flexible floor plan—The boxed off cubicles limiting employee interaction are so 1950’s.   Instead, designate distinct areas within the workspace to encourage employees to gather to discuss ideas and pool resources on projects. You can go traditional—a long board room table—or more relaxed-overstuffed chairs clustered around a fireplace. No matter what, giving people the space to collaborate can yield big benefits.
  1. Encourage in-house networking—Work to develop mentoring relationships within the office. Instead of always referencing the formal chain of command, point employees towards other team members to offer guidance, expertise, or insight. Pair new hires together to source fresh ideas, or match up veteran employees with the new to balance wisdom with energy. Such flexibility will boost confidence, impart knowledge, and strengthen teambuilding.
  1. Create a welcoming atmosphere—You want your employees to feel comfortable questioning and problem solving in the office, so think of unique ways to cultivate an environment receptive to innovation. To keep the vibe stress-free at work, consider treating your staff to an occasional surprise. Need an idea? Cater your next team meeting with ice cream novelties—individually wrapped, hand held ice cream treats. Portable, delicious, and fun, ice cream novelties are guaranteed to sweeten the atmosphere in your office.

Relax, and Let Ice Cream on Wheels Deliver the Chill to Your Office

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